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remember, remember the 5th of November

  • Nov. 5th, 2008 at 11:32 AM
bubble gum pop electric
As happy as I am with election results, as happy as EVERYONE in the UK is (so happy people are hugging Americans) I just want to say this to all the people who are writing in their journals, in their blogs, in their news articles, ect that 'this is the first time [I] have been proud to be an American.'

I am consistently proud to be an American. I have to stand up every single day and with my American accent say "Yes, I am American, I am from New York." I have to speak to people with my strong as hell American accent and have them KNOW that I am American EVERYDAY. I am asked DAILY how I feel about this or that, about why Americans do such and such, ect. I am expected to explain away every negative image the world has of Americans everyday.

And if I wasn't proud of myself, if I wasn't proud of America, I would have collapsed. I would have had to move back to America just to get a fucking break. But when Struan asks me why my father, why peoplel ike my father, wave a flag in their yard, I can say, beacuse it's nice to. Why the fuck not? THe American flag, the American ideal is great.

Am I sometimes digusted by American citizens? Hell yeah. All the uneducated morons I heard on the BBC radio this week, saying, and I qoute "I cannot vote for Obama because he is a muslim and he is against us," made me want to blow up Georgia a little bit. Does the fact California might actually have voted "Yes" to prop 8 make me go "oh fucking hell, ship that shit off into the ocean"? Um, yeah.

But am I disgusted by America? No.

Everyday I stand up and defend my ENTIRE country to anyone who asks. We are young, barely 200 years old. We make mistakes, but we try hard. We just want to be able to say and do what we want, so this causes a great divide that is hard to conquer. We are cowboys who are individuals and that makes it hard to come together and agree on things. But we want to, I think, deep down.

And so I can say, while I am elated, jubuliant, excited, joyous, and hopeful I cannot sya that this is the first time my heart has swollen with pride at the thought of America.

When I think of my friends who have and are serving our country, I have pride. When I think of my friends who are working hard as interns in Washington, I have pride. When I think of my mother wrapping presents at the mall to raise money for charity at xmas or when we would buy presents for our church to give to poor kids, I Feel pride. When I think of my dad giving blood at the Masonic lodge for the hospital, I feel pride. When I think of my friends at rallies, I feel pride. When I think of my gay friends who have gotten married, I feel pride. And these are just people I know.

So no, while I feel pride today (and a bit of 'fuck you UK, where the fuck is your black prime minister?), it is not for the first time and I highly doubt it will be the last time either.

are you serious?

  • Oct. 10th, 2008 at 11:53 AM
bubble gum pop electric
Okay. I will state, first and foremost, I do not like Sarah Palin and her politics.

But I just saw her newsweek cover, whcih everyone is all a buzz about, and I have to say...what is the fuss about?

I thought she looked considerably better than Mischa Barton does on most gossip mags, a million times better than many recent snapshots of kate Moss, and compared to an un-retouched Mariah carey, like a goddess.

I think, if anything, this cover did her a favor. It showed her up close, personal, and like EVERY WOMAN. She has a few lines around her eyes and pores. But not even pores like mine are. Frankly, up close she looks as good as I do, I think, and I am 26.

If she had been retouched within an inch of her life, she would have been selling sex, which is not really what she aims to do. It's not what I want in a vice-president. Sexy is bad, bad, bad. It means you are having sex and that means you are not paying attention to the economy. frankly, I want her to be wearing less makeup becasue I think it takes her too long to get ready in the morning. Mrs. barak on the other hand, can take six hours to get ready if she wants, she is not my president. And yet she seems to wear a more understated look that makes me feel comfy with her.

The problem with Sarah Palin's image is that she IS a beauty queen and they want a sexy woman to sell her. But Hilary is often photographed in an unflattering light and looks much older and much less kempt and no one has said the media was unfair on her.

I'm sorry Republicans want Sarah to look even sexier than she is, I am sorry. But I do not think this newsweek cover hurt her in anyway. In fact, it made her a tad more likeable to me. If only she wuold be a REAL conservative woman and go back to her kitchen and keep her mouth shut...


  • Aug. 17th, 2008 at 7:17 PM
bubble gum pop electric
At times, I am sure I am crazy. Harriet is sure that I am either manic or depressed at all times. I may well be in a manic phase now. I want to believe it's just because I finally came off my bc pills, but if it is a manic episode: praise be to jesus because I totally needed one.

I love when I feel like this. THis, this feeling RIGHT now is why I do not medicate myself. I have seen friends on meds and they never have this insane high.

How would I fall in love in two seconds? How would I dance like a crazy person sans alcohol? How would I have ever met Struan? How would I run around and go to paint parties and take a bubble bath with a complete stranger and meet a famous comedian and lose ten pounds from eating nothing but carbs and make smores in a dog park at 10 at night and go to a burlesque show.

I like me when I fall in love. I bet you all like me better too.

I am so glad my plane got cancelled and Tedd never came and picked me up from the airport and instead I met this amazing boy who has great friends and actually left work in the middle of the day to come and shave Harriet's dog.
And he has a job...a real one. And he owns his own flat. And he has a car. And he has red hair. and he loves to dance like a mother fucker. and he loves to cuddle all night long and sends me text messages at 3 am just to say he misses me. And I think I found what you call a 'real catch'. He has great amazing friends who I love already and seem to love me. he has freckles and his sister seems really nice and he holds my hand all the time.

and this is our song for sure:


noah and the whale. let's dance. five years time...

Today is magical post day....

  • Jun. 18th, 2008 at 1:05 PM
bubble gum pop electric
I got an old suitcase as my oldest friend, a smile on my face, and a drink in my hand. I'm humming the words that my mamma sang to me. I'm singing sad songs at the bar next door, like I've done nights before. Nothing good is gonna come from Tennessee.

oh lord oh lord, what have I done wrong? How will I get out of this place?

I got a ticket back from where I came from, back to the hills, where I was young but I'm not quite sure if my home is there still. but there's a liquor store and an old stone bridge and the farm house where I use to live. It's busted to pieces, just like how I feel.

I said lord, oh lord, what have I done wrong? how did I end up in the place?
I say lord, oh lord, what have I done wrong? Oh lord, I miss Mobile Bay.

I know I've got no one but myself to blame, but lord I've been down so long. Oh lord, I miss mobile bay. Oh lord, what have I done wrong?

This came on my ipod while I was in the meadows...it's Sandra Lichter Lauren, the girl Mike used to date and who lived in my room in Cortland before I did. I think she is so amazing and every time I hear her voice I swoon.

surfing the channel

  • May. 7th, 2008 at 3:51 PM
bubble gum pop electric
love surfthechannel.com watching lots of fun shows we don't get here.


anyone else watch big love? i noticed that they basically transplanted the entire cast of veronica masrs into that. weird.


  • Jan. 5th, 2008 at 10:47 AM
bubble gum pop electric
I love polyvore! so here's what i've been looking at on the site...Read more...Collapse )

getting up early..

  • Sep. 8th, 2006 at 8:36 AM
bubble gum pop electric
Yesterday I tried to accomplish many things, but failed miserably. I did find all of my classes and buildings and so at least now I shouldn't get lost any time soon. I also made egg salad and that made me quite happy.

Matt and I went to Ikea and I bought a wardrobe and so today I will try and put that together. Ikea was mainly fun because Matt is a great shopper and we had good deals on everything. Wheee. We also went and attempted to eat Mexican food. How can you have a Mexican resturaunt run by white people? How? Anyway, it tasted good, but not anything like mexican food. I should not have attempted a chimichanga. It was basically a taco salad shell filled with beans that we unlike anything I had ever seen and veggies, like broccoli. I am cooking enchiladas and my famous cream cheese bean dip Sunday when Dom gets back. I will also try and make a pie, although everyone here thinks it's weird to put fruit in a pie.

Today I may hang out with another myspace friend, go drinking with Matt and his friends, and maybe, if I am very lucky, drink with jamie. I will call him around noon I think and see how that goes.



  • Sep. 7th, 2006 at 5:47 PM
bubble gum pop electric
Sometimes I get very nervous meeting people, or hanging out with people that I have crushes on. I think this is pretty normal. But then my self esteem is all...eeeeek. I feel like everything I say is stupid and that I will never have a nice boy like me because I am an idiot.

And then Rich says something like this:

You are too pretty for it to matter what you say.

And then I feel better.

ha. I love Rich.

And guess who's phone number I have?

So yeah

  • Sep. 6th, 2006 at 8:57 PM
bubble gum pop electric
After a mildly rocky start, wherein my plane had to be changed because it was broken and I had to run across the airport (now that is a shoulder/leg day, friend Nate), I arrived in Edinburgh quite full on yummy Indian food and was greeted by Matt (Topper) and a sign with my name on it. I was delighted, especially by the mini Scottish flag he had for me.

I mainly slept after that.

My roomate Sam is quite nice; I was a bit terrified to live with a girl, but she is not like most girls I have met. She is very sweet and both she and her boyfriend are big Twin Peaks fans. Will showed up yesterday and made us a yummy dinner of pasta, broccoli, breadcrumbs, and lemon and I discovered that there are, in fact, males in this world who do not play video games. I was quite happy.

Today I walked around Edinburgh, as my flatemates are busy working on their big papers. I tried to find all the very important things, like where I will need to register on Monday. I talked to a few interesting people today and no one was mean to me because I was American. I also had a prawn in marie rose sauce roll, a favorite treat that I ate CONSTANTLY while I was here last year. Food is, of course, my main focus.

Sam took me to a German bakery and I had a blood orange tarte and drooled over the pretzels. I looked around for bagels at the store today, but couldn't find any and that was sad. However, organic eggs are cheaper here, even with the exchange, and that is nice. Although it will take some getting used to that eggs don't go in the frig.

Tomorrow I trek out to Ikea with Matt and we shall see if I can get myself a nice wardrobe, because as of right now, my clothes are just draped in a pile, trying to de-wrinkle. Space bags are a great idea until you realize you might end up ironing your life away.

Also, I only know people named Matt and apparently, legs ARE a big selling point for males in Scotland. This would be a good country to be Nate or Dave or Derek.


I'm quite tired from all my walking and people meeting today, so I think this is the end of this entry.


Aug. 30th, 2006

  • 4:24 PM
that&#39;s right
This is off topic, but I really think that bikini waxing is stupid.

a) it hurts
b)you are going to have regrowth, so if you're in a relationship, your vagina will start off too raw to have sex, then be good, and then be stubbly for 3-4 weeks while you wait for enough regrowth to do it again. weird.
c)it's expensive
d) a stranger, not even a doctor, is really seeing every part of your body, really closely.
and e) (in my opinion the best reason) porn stars shave. and I pretty much think they know what is best for looking good in bed. and dude, we all know that if society wasn't making us need to be hairless on every inch of our bodies, we wouldn't be doing it at all.


bubble gum pop electric

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